Introduction to MIURA TECH


Introduction to MIURA TECH


1.Summary of Company

1.1 Name of Company:MIURA TECH Limited

1.2 location of Company


Address:9-9-5-201 Simorenjyaku,Mitaka-shi,Tokyo,181-0013,Japan


1.3 Capital:1(One)Yen

     The company was approved by Minister of Economy,Trade and Industry as confirmed Limited stipulated on Law,Clause 10,Article 1,for facilitating the creation of New Business.

 1.4 Employee:Manabing Director;Tetsurou Miura


2. History of Company

2.1 Established:April 1,2005


3. Contents of Business

    The Company aim to follow the following business.


    1.Bisiness for Plan,Development,Desibn,Manufacture,Sales and Consultant on Flow Control Equipment. (Control valve)

       Selection of Contorol valve,Cv value calculation,valve size,predicted noise level,etc.

      Select optimum valve from service flow conditions.

      Education for Selection of Control valve.

    2.All business for Promotion of Thought on Aviation

       Collection,Storage and Exhibition of Technical Information and Properties.

       Manufacture and Sales for Scale Model of Aviation.

    3.Manufacture and Sales for Graphic Design.

    4.All business supplementary to above Items.


4. Corporation Network of Support for Technology,Manufacture and Information(Tentative Name:TECH Team)

     Technical support team(TECH Team) to MIURA TECH Corporation

     TOHOKU GAKUIN University,Department of Technology:Doctor Kono

     MOTOYAMA KOUGYOU:Manufacturing support for Regulator,Control Valne and Special Valves

    MATSUKAWA DESIGN OFFICE:Technical support related to Butterfly Valves

    KAWASAKI SEISAKUSYO:Manufacturing Support

    K S LASER KAKOU:Mamufacturing Support


5.Role for TECH Team

   TECH teame are to act as network team and to offer rapidly to customer the optimum productservices required by customer by exchanging mutual information.